Sarah has recently treated two of my horses and I have been very pleased with the treatments and results and I highly recommend her services!
Sarah has a natural affinity with animals which was evident from when she first arrived- both my horses responded brilliantly to the treatments and Sarah remained calm and gentle the whole time, even with a very fidgety horse :)

Sarah is very professional and takes as long as needed to treat her clients- Sarah was in no rush to cut the treatments short and worked really hard to ensure the horses had the best treatment.

I highly recommend Sarah. She is a lovely lady and her technique & ability with handling animals is excellent and I will be having Sarah to treat all my animals in future. There are many practitioners out there which I have used, but none are as good as Sarah :)

  Carys, Ceredigion

Sarah treated my elderly horse today and fully appraised me of his condition and the treatment she would use. It was a very thorough session and Sarah's professionalism and experience were obvious throughout. Most importantly Sarah was kind to him and understood his feelings and reactions during the procedure. The result was an aged treasured horse being able to trot and canter freely across the field to his friends. I highly recommend Sarah.

   Janice, Ceredigion


Hi Sarah, thank you so much for last Thursday- both Stefan and Jamie have shown benefit from their treatments.
Jamie for the first time since he moved here has a level topline, doesn't twitch when you stroke his body and far more energy than usual.  Stefan is looking much more comfortable when trotting around and if possible is wagging his tail even faster than before !
They both slept deeply and long Thursday into Friday ! 


   Sue, Ceredigion

I have to say Sarah that Rhys hasn't bucked once since your first visit and although I've not ridden him myself he's cantering easily and looking comfortable. I think another treatment to help maintain this would be a good idea especially as he enjoys it so much! Thank you for magic hands and look forward to seeing you again from both Rhys and I. 😊


 Penny, Pembrokeshire

I would highly recommend Sarah, lovely person, explains everything that she is doing very well, very gentle with the horses. What impressed me the most was seeing a difference in Toby before Sarah had even left my yard and he has been improving ever since too. The report that Sarah sends you is excellent. Easy to understand and very thorough! Thank you Sarah!


  Lauren, Pembrokeshire

I contacted Sarah to come and have a look at Max, my Flat Coated Retriever who had just finished a very physical season of picking up. Although there was no one injury in particular that he had suffered,due to the nature of the terrain he was working he had to jump walls and fences, climb out of rivers etc etc I just thought he seemed lethargic and not his normal self. Sarah came and discovered that he was out of alignment and worked on him for an hour, Max was relaxed and enjoyed the entire session and two days later he was back to his old self, full of energy. I was so impressed that I asked Sarah to look at my older flatcoat who although only 9 seemed to be much older with stiffening hips and back legs. The day following the session we noticed a huge difference in Jed, not only was he noticeably more mobile he behaved like a much younger dog, clearly free from pain and enjoying the company of the younger dogs. My only regret is that I didn't discover Sarah and McTimoney sooner!!

   Rachel, Cheshire

Sarah has been treating both mine and Pauls horses for the last few months now and we have seen massive improvements in them all.She treats everything on our yard from 5 year olds up to 4 star advanced event horses treating all of their individual needs.Sarah is very quiet,patient and extremely thorough so our horses respond brilliantly to treatment.She is a valuable part of our team and is highly recommended by us as our horses have never felt so supple and happy.

  Hannah, 4* event rider, Cheshire

I have used Sarah to treat my horses twice now and both times I've been pleased with the results. She's identified any issues quickly and is very thorough in her examinations. Each time I have seen a noticeable difference in the horses movement and general happiness. She's very kind and understanding and is very patient, on the occasions they've been a little unsure of what's going on she's stopped and reassured them until they are comfortable for her to continue. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone and won't hesitate to have her treat my horses again. Thank you Sarah.

  Carolynne, Pembrokeshire

Sarah has been to treat my mare twice now and after the first treatment I recommended Sarah to other people with horses, that I teach. If my horse, Kizzy, could go and live with Sarah I am sure she would as she just loves the time she spends with her!! She is very thorough and her approach and treatment is very soft and gentle but she gets the results. There has been such a difference in Kizzys movement and her way of going since her first treatment. You also receive an email as a record of the treatment carried out, including a diagram, and advice on what exercises to help in the future. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone and I will be passing her details on to other people. Kizzy can't wait to see you again Sarah!

   Delyth, Pembrokeshire



Hi Sarah thank you ever so much I now have a different horse. Hacked him out yesterday for the first time since you treated him, he was more settled and supple. Today we went and had an easy lesson, he moved so much better, (my instructor) couldn't believe the difference. 


   Caryl, Pembrokeshire

Sarah treated my dog Daphne and it was thorough, intelligent and sensitive. Daphne was very receptive and it seemed to be a deeply healing session for her and very informative for me. I'd highly recommend her services.

  Rachel, Pembrokeshire

Sarah has been treating Bobo, my 4.5 year old Boxer girl since last November. Due to a couple of different but interrelated musculoskeletal issues, Bobo has had lots of different conventional and alternative treatments before we asked Sarah to treat her. The difference is marked and Sarah will continue to treat Bobo on a fortnightly basis for the foreseeable future.

Sarah is very thorough and professional, never rushing the treatment and giving Bobo the opportunity to get up and stretch if she needs to. We also get detailed treatment reports from Sarah but most importantly she has a real affinity with Bobo.

I cannot recommend her enough as for the first time in a long time I feel we are really getting somewhere with Bobo‘s treatment.


   Helgard, Ceredigion

Sarah has treated a couple of my dogs - she made a life changing difference to our eldest Golden Retriever Susanna (13 years) who now walks around as well as she was 3 or 4 years ago. I would not trust anyone else to work on our Tanya who thanks to the medication keeping her cancer at bay has bone thinning. muscle wastage and until Sarah treated her walked with a very pronounced limp - now she may not be running around like a two year old but then at 11 years after living with cancer for 2 1/2 years that would be unrealistic but she is happy and able to walk normally. Thank you Sarah not only for the treatment but the way you interacted with our two very vulnerable oldies.

   Jan, Ceredigion

Sarah treated Monty, my rescue springer, this week. Wow what a difference straight away and he is improving daily. Sarah is very professional and explains every part of the treatment to you. I can't recommend her enough-brilliant!

  Anna, Pembrokeshire

Hi sarah. I rode (my horse) for 15 mins in the sandschool today in walk, trot and small canter for the first time since seeing you and what a difference!!! She felt so loose and supple! I hope it's not a one off for her xxx can't wait for your next visit.


  Gemma, Pembrokeshire

Sarah came to see my milking doe Binks to help with her general wellbeing but also to deal with the after effects of an injury. Binks sustained a horrible compound fracture of her left hind leg in a freak accident and had been left with a slight shortening and possible nerve damage. 
Sarah was calm and patient- Binks was in season and not her usual compliant self! The rest of the herd who were rather curious and friendly, wanting to know what was going on. Sarah left a detailed summary of her assessment, and emailed exercises to continue with Binks.

She has improved in her general mobility following the session and has begun to proper run with the herd, something she had not done up till that point. 
I am more than happy to recommend Sarah...she has a great way with animals...and the goats totally approve...

  Deborah, Ceredigion

I had Sarah over to see a few horses, mainly a 16.3 4 yr old dressage horse who had a problem with her back end and it has affected her canter and bending to the left. My vet wasn't highly interested as she's not lame but did suggest a huge needle in her hip and that was without even looking at her. So i thought I'd give Sarah a go first before turning to such extreme methods. Well she has certainly made her more comfortable on the 1st session. I knew the day after as she was quite alert and wanting to bounce around and after the 2nd visit i can see changes in the muscles around the rear end. Sarah emails her findings and suggests certain exercises to further improve. I found her very focused on her treatment and the horses have all responded well to it. She doesnt pull them about and makes any manipulations very precise. She also treated a pony with low level front lameness. The vet just said it would be some arthritis but his stride has improved after 2 sessions with Sarah and looks happier with himself.


   Lynda, Pembrokeshire

Thank you Sarah. Schooled Kizzy today for the first time since last week. WOW such a difference, amazing. Thank you so much x


   Delyth, Pembrokeshire

Thanks so much Sarah for coming out to see Jet. It was very interesting watching you work. You explained everything very well and were very patient with Jet. Great service xx

  Michaela, Pembrokeshire

Can't thank you enough Sarah for coming out at such short notice to our oldie Susanna today Sarah, she looks much more comfortable already and has had a really snoozy afternoon. Thank you


  Sue, Ceredigion

I contacted Sarah following a recommendation to see if she could help my now 14 year old collie, Tod, who has various skeletal problems and muscle weakness in his hind legs. After the initial treatment Sarah recommended maintenance treatments which, as the months have progressed, are helping him even more. Sarah also suggested exercises for him which we do twice daily. He has a far better quality of life now, he enjoys his walks again, and on good days he even bounces along and wants to play with other dogs. Sarah is very calm and the treatment is painless but the improvement in Tod’s condition is incredible. At 14 I can’t expect him to act like a young dog but to see him moving more freely, enjoying life and not in pain is all I can ask for.

    Margaret, Pembrokeshire